The garden is trimmed in winter

With the gradual decline of winter temperature, some areas of gardens, orchards, trees from slow growth into the dormant period, in this period, it is particularly important to trim, plastic. Winter pruning can balance the tree, regulate the normal supply of water and nutrients, make it grow robust, the tree shape neat, beautiful, can also remove diseased branches, dead branches, overlapping branches, etc., not only maintain its ornamental value, but also achieve the purpose of ventilation and light, and improve the ability to resist wind and snow, to ensure that the garden shrub safe and healthy winter.

For urban landscaping, the main tree species to be pruned in winter are camphor tree, peach tree, osmanthus tree, red leaf plum and other trees with thick canopy and high trunk, which are mainly distributed in the main and secondary roads. The maximum can be 4.1m GZJ330HF type or 2.7m GZJ305A type retractable high-branch saw can be used. SLP600D double-sided, SL750 type trimmer can be used for shrub trimming; Pruning can be done with a YD45 or YD25 chainsaw.0GC_9555-GZJ260AE

Post time: Mar-15-2022