Autumn and winter landscaping necessary special machinery

With the arrival of the autumn and winter season, landscaping has a lot of maintenance and cleaning work, such as large quantities of pruning trees and plants, cleaning leaves, processing pruning leaves, branches, sticks, cleaning snow and so on. If the application of special machinery can achieve twice the result with half the effort.
Let’s take a look at some useful machinery!
A new general-purpose chainsaw with professional performance. Advanced engine, reduce fuel consumption and emission pollution. Automatic reset stop switch and transparent oil level mark, easy to use chainsaw. Equipped with easy start and injection pump, to ensure a simple and quick start every time.
Clearing high branches, excellent ergonomics and excellent balance help you complete tasks with minimal effort. Easy to operate, powerful, high torque, low emissions and low fuel consumption.

EB260F’s powerful commercial knapsack fans are used for a wide range of demanding tasks. High wind volume and high wind speed.

Used for cleaning leaves, paper, debris on the road, the fallen leaves in the flower bed. Very suitable for enterprises and institutions, families, large areas of commercial and municipal cleaning. Such as the application of golf courses, parks, property, city streets and sidewalk cleaning, greatly reduce the labor intensity of cleaning leaves, debris, improve cleaning efficiency.

Recycling organic waste in gardens is becoming more economical. Organic waste can be easily converted into useful mulch or high quality compost with the help of vibon branch shredders.
The grinder is small in size, light in weight and easy to move. It can easily solve the green waste such as tree sticks, branches, branches and fallen leaves produced by road landscaping and pruning, with high cost performance.

Suitable for efficient snow clearing of car park driveways and general roads. The snow that can be cleaned is 10-30cm thick. It has a two-stage snow throwing system and a large snow throwing capacity. Handle height can be adjusted. Friction disc drive, power steering and large tires make it easy to operate. Heating handles, LED lights and electronic activation enable the machine to work in all weather conditions.
The above products are especially practical machinery in autumn and winter. As the saying goes, “do busy when idle, don’t be busy when busy”. Hurry up to prepare tools and machinery to efficiently complete the high-intensity garden maintenance work in autumn and winter

Post time: Mar-15-2022